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Full and Part-Time options available

If you are an experienced ADI or PDI looking to join a driving school franchise, why not look at what our franchise could do for your business.

DLA Driving School is a well-established driving school with an excellent reputation. We are passionate about our reputation, the service we provide and more importantly we want to ensure that we take good care of our instructors.

We believe that our franchise is great value for money, With a DLA franchise we ensure that you get everything you need to become a successful profitable business:

  • Full or Part-time agreements
  • No minimum term
  • No hidden fees
  • Staged initial payments
  • Market leading prices
  • No discounted introductory lesson schemes
  • Free business stationery
  • Free business clothing
  • Free car livery

Sounds too good? Ask to speak to people on the team who have first-hand experience of working with DLA Driving School.

For more information compete an application form or call FREE on 08000 88 58 68

Instructor Review Sam DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"I did quite a bit of research prior to joining a franchise as I wanted to be part of a team that shared my ideals on client-centred approach. I made contact with various driving schools and heard back from all of them via different methods but it was DLA that stood out from the crowd! From the initial contact I knew DLA was the school for me. Darren called me, to not only tell me about DLA but also to find out about me, my background, and my requirements. The call was friendly and professional with a personal touch. With the other driving schools, I felt like a number not a member. From this initial contact, I was then invited to meet Darren and Dave in person which I loved, putting a face to the voice and company profile! I’m very client-focused and chose the DLA team as Darren and Dave sharedmy values in delivering an outstanding service to all who choose to learn with them."

Instructor Review Safi DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"I have worked with other companies before switching to DLA Driving School. I couldn’t have found a better company to be a part of. My diary was full within a very short space of time and more importantly has remained full all year every year since joining, something my previous franchise failed to do. Darren and Dave’s support helps me run a successful business earning more than I ever have before. Its great to have the back up of and feel part of a very successful team."

Instructor Review Tony Dimmock DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"I chose to join DLA after feeling let down by my previous franchise. At DLA I immediately felt part of the team and was happy to see that everything I was promised was delivered. Darren and Dave did exactly what they promised providing me with premium price clients which enable me in turn to earn substantially more than I did under my last franchise."

Instructor Review Christian Bishop DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"I had been working on my own for a number of years and had never previously considered joining a franchise company. After meeting with Darren and Dave I could see how they are building a very client focussed business and how they are determined to provide the best possible service, not just to their students, but also their franchisees as well. After I joined DLA Darren and Dave have done exactly what they said they would resulting in more clients for me at a better rate than I had when I worked alone. Although I am seeing that my earnings have increased its great to be part of a real team that I can call on at any time for help and advice."

Instructor Review Lucy Sapwell DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"Having worked for a large franchise I decided to join DLA in order to continue to progress my business and career. For me DLA provide the right level of support and encouragement but still give me that independence that my other franchise didn’t. The team spirit at DLA is second to none, it’s a very happy company to be involved with."

Instructor Review Dave Williams DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"I have been instructing for a number of years and I am delighted to join the DLA team as an Automatic Driving Instructor. As a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) I understand that sometimes a new driver can be less confident in their ability to use a manual car. Sometimes people find that using the clutch and the gears as well as learning all the other skills required to learn to drive just a little too daunting. By creating a relaxed atmosphere I aim to make your learning experience in an Automatic car less stressful whilst covering all the essential skills you will need to become a confident and competent driver."

Instructor Review Keith Day DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

"I became an instructor in 2017, training with and joining, Caledonian Driving School. As a fully qualified ADI (Approved driving instructor) I am always looking to learn new skills and to develop personally, hence my decision to join DLA! I have known Darren and Dave for some time now and admire their enthusiasm and drive to grow their business and deliver superior Customer Service."


"I started by working for Drive Johnson as a trainee driving instructor where I honed my skills and gained an insight into the world of teaching people of all ages and skill levels how to drive. This was a fantastic experience, however I felt that I needed to move to another school that would further develop my skills. I was referred to DLA by an ex colleague of mine who's related to Dave. My partner and I met Dave and Darren for a chat and the four of us got on like a house on fire which made the decision to join DLA very easy."

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