Why choose DLA to become a driving instructor?

DLA Driving School has a 100% pass rate for PDI training

With DLA Driving Instructor Training you will get all the attention you require from the very first phone call enquiry to the day you pass your part 3 test. We will tailor your training to suit your own availability and affordability: Your bespoke training course will be hands on rather than on-line like most other larger national schools. Darren and Dave will personally be a large part of your training so you know you will be getting the best attention from the company owners.

There are many companies offering industry training with what we consider to be misleading guarantees. Most money back training options generally tend to be tied into a long-term franchise agreement with the training company.

With DLA Driving Instructor Training our guarantees are simple to understand.

    Price Guaranteed
  • No Hidden Training Fees
  • You will not be asked to sign an expensive trainee licence franchise agreement to complete your training
  • Job Guaranteed
  • When you have been accepted on our training course, we will guarantee you a franchise option with our driving school when you qualify as an ADI.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • If you are not happy with your training,

    we will refund ALL your unused training hours.

Still not sure if to choose us?

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